Example: Structural elements for the design of a tubular frame

Since early 2015 a team at the chair of engineering design and CAD of the University Bayreuth is working on developing an experimental three-wheeled vehicle in the style…

example: Creo to Z88Aurora

This example is meant to show how easy it is to import a structure from PTC Creo® into Z88Aurora® and how to perform a natural frequency analysis afterward….

example: STL import in Z88Aurora (motorcycle crank shaft)

The import of STL files in Z88Aurora® is illustrated on the basis of example 11 from the Z88Aurora® V4 example guide. You may download the required files here:…

example: NASTRAN import in Z88Aurora (motorcycle crank shaft)

This excerpt of the Z88Aurora® V4 user manual explains the import of NASTRAN files in Z88Aurora on the basis of example 11 (crank shaft of a motor cycle)….